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10.28 Tribute to the Gorge

Posted by hilda on October 22, 2017

For many locals The Columbia River Gorge is just as 22489856_1902993516619903_297240066453452288_nmuch a part of their lives as their careers or childhoods; it’s always been there for us. The recent forest fire at Eagle Creek, which left more than 50,000 acres of the Gorge burned, was devastating to many. People were shocked as they watched their favorite trails – the playgrounds on which they grew up – suffer damage because of mistreatment. We owe much to the Columbia River Gorge and it is for this reason a fundraiser will be held for it this autumn.

On Saturday, October 28th from 4-7 PM come dine and drink at Bazi Bierbrasserie (1522 SE 32nd Ave) for a night of tribute to the Columbia River Gorge. On this evening, a collection of photographs – graciously donated by some of the most prolific photographers residing in and around Portland – will be on display and available for bidding via silent auction. Each print is homage to some of the most beloved attractions in the area. 100% of the proceeds from the silent auction will go to the Friends of the Gorge, who is the local non-profit in responsible for the caretaking of the Columbia River Gorge. Bidding will end at 7 pm and winners will be announced soon afterwards. In addition, a portion of all food and beverage sales that day will also go towards the Friends of the Gorge – 10% of credit card transactions and 15% of cash transactions.

Change comes slowly, but through caring and dedication we can ensure the success of both. With your support, we can begin the process of restoring the Columbia River Gorge and increase outdoor awareness so that future destruction caused by negligence may be prevented.

Local Collaborators

Ralph Cope – Fundraiser Organizer

Hilda Stevens – Owner of Bazi Bierbrasserie

Kate Harbour – Friends of the Gorge Representative

Richard Bacon – Contributing Photographer

Dan Hawk – Contributing Photographer 

Gregg Kerber – Contributing Photographer 

Terence Lee – Contributing Photographer 

Stephen Matera – Contributing Photographer 

Steven Schwindt – Contributing Photographer 

Andrew Studer – Contributing Photographer 

Nick Wiltgen – Contributing Photographer


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