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Diep9: Taste the Authentic Spirit of Belgium

Posted by hilda on January 9, 2013

Join us for the official Oregon market launch of Diep9® (deep 9) genever on Thursday, January 17 from 6-9 PM. Diep9® has been officially launched on the East Coast and Portland has been selected as the first city for their West Coast expansion.

Genever is the traditional liquor and protected spirit of origin from Belgium. Distilled from a mash of grains (malt wine) flavored with juniper berries, the origin of genever can be traced back to the Middle Ages when pharmacists and alchemists in the Low Lands (now modern day Belgium and the Netherlands) used the distilled drink for medicinal purposes.
Quite popular in the U.S. during the 19th century, before prohibition in 1920 brought legal liquor consumption to a halt, the import of genever to the U.S. was six times greater than gin. Many of today’s classic cocktails were originally made with genever. At the same time, prohibition was also enacted in Belgium, prohibiting the serving of distilled spirits in public places. Belgium’s strong beers owe something to this period: many brewers upped the alcohol content of beer to console drinkers forced to give up genever.
Representatives from Diep9® will be providing complimentary tastes of the six genevers to be released in the Oregon market: Genever oude (old) barrel-aged, Genever jonge (young), Passion Fruit, Red Currant, Vanilla, and Chocolate.

Classic cocktails such as a Genever Oude-Fashioned, Negroni, and Oude Sazerac as well as an Upright Engelberg Pilsner Kopstootje (kop-stow-che) a pairing of genever and beer will be available for purchase. A number of guests will be selected to practice the traditional Kopstootje ritual by participating in a contest at 7 PM and 8 PM. Gezonheid!

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