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11.25 La Trappe Quad 25th Anniversary

Posted by hilda on November 21, 2016


Join Artisanal Imports at Bazi on Friday, November 25 from 5-8 PM for the 25th Anniversary of the La Trappe Quadrupel and its beer release – Quadrupel Oak Aged Batch #25.

La Trappe is one of only nine Trappist breweries in the world allowed to carry the logo “Authentic Trappist Product”. This logo guarantees authenticity in the recipe, tradition and, in the case of La Trappe, a thriving working relationship between monastery and brewery.

La Trappe is the only Trappist Ale that is made in The Netherlands; the other eight Trappist breweries are situated in Belgium, Austria and the US. A $15 event sampler tray will be available for purchase featuring five – 5 oz pours of La Trappe beers: Puur, Isid’or, Tripel, Quad and Quad Oak Aged Batch #25. About the Beers:

Puur: 4.7% ABV, is Skal certified and is brewed with green energy. That is why Father Abbot has decided to name it PUUR (which means ‘pure’ in Dutch). The organically grown hop is purchased directly from the farmers. The result is a refreshing, continuously drinkable ale that tastes of hop with a dry and light malt flavor.

Isid’or: 7.5% ABV, brewed in 2009 in honor of the 125th anniversary of Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven Abbey. The harmonious taste starts as a fruity flavor and then shifts to malty caramel; a perfect balance between complexity and simplicity. The ale is named after brother Isidorus, the first master brewer of the abbey.

Tripel: 8% ABV, classic Trappist ale with a powerful and full taste. In addition, the ale has a candy-sweet and light-malty character.

Quad: 11% ABV, 25 years ago, The Koningshoeven brewery baptized her beloved Quadrupel under the approving glance of the monks. A closely guarded recipe became reality, and the first Quadrupel beer in the world was born. The quad is the heaviest ale with a full, warming and intensive taste; malty with the sweet tones of dates and caramel.

Oak-Aged Quad Batch #25: 11% ABV, In 2009, an old tradition was reinstated by aging La Trappe Quadrupel in oak barrels, thus creating a unique Trappist ale with a perfectly balanced flavor, and special aroma of wood. The complex taste depends on the type of barrel in which it is aged and therefore, each batch is different.

Receive a commemorative 25th Anniversary glass with every tasting tray purchase (while supplies last). A special toast and cake cutting ceremony will be led by representatives of Artisanal Imports at 6:30 PM.

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