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Mon-Thurs 3PM-11PM, Fri-Sat 3PM-1AM, Sun 1PM-9PM, Happy Hour 3-7 PM and 10 PM - close + All Day SUNDAY
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To ensure a successful reservation, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Parties of 8+ call us directly at 503.234.8888
  • DO call us if it’s after 3 PM and you plan to visit the same day. We do not have a dedicated “reservation staff member” on duty. If you’re headed our way, best thing to do is call us.
  • GAME DAYS! Reservations close at noon day of match or when full. We always leave 25 seats at the bar open for walk-ins.
  • SPORT EVENTS seating will be family style. This is common in Europe and we enjoy getting to know each other. If you make a reservation for a sport event, smile at your neighbor. It’s likely you’re both cheering for the same team and share the same passion for the sport.
  • MINORS are welcomed nightly till 9 PM. On GAME DAYS minors can stay until the end of game.
  • OUTSIDE SEATING is treated just like BAR SEATING – first come. If you have a party of 8+ and want to seat outside please call ahead.
  • Finally, if your party shrinks in size or needs to cancel, please make the appropriate changes online or call us. We’ve given YOU that POWER! No one likes to throw a party only to find out that their friends are no shows.

RESERVATION SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY DOWN. Ready to reserve a table? CLICK the button below. We look forward to hosting you!

32 Responses to Reservations

  1. Bill Bloom says:

    I left a message Friday asking for two seats for the Timbers opener. Hope to see you!

    • hilda says:

      You are set. Looking forward to another season!

  2. Kari says:

    I’d like to make reservations for 2 people at 4pm just for the Thorns game please.
    Thank you so much for continuing to host these games!

    • Kari says:

      Oops did that all wrong. Went ahead and booked the right way.

      • hilda says:

        Hi Kari,

        You are showing up in our reservation system so all good:) See you Saturday!

  3. Don Williams says:

    I posted my review of Bazi on my blog (see above website address). Thebeerchaser is a tour of Portland bars, taverns and pubs.

    Bazi, was one of the best of the 65 venues I have visited so far.

  4. Lisa Kron says:

    Just curious if you received my reservation for 2 on July 13 – we are hoping for good seats for the World Cup Final!

    • hilda says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Yes you are in the system. I’ll move your reservation to the game start time, but you’re welcome to arrive up to 30 minutes before that. Cheers!

      • Lisa Kron says:

        Thank you!

  5. Debbie says:

    Will you be showing the World Cup game with Germany and France on Friday morning?

    • hilda says:

      yes, we’re showing all world cup matches through the Championship match.

  6. Francoise Beniston says:

    I successfully made reservations for July 9 and 12 but received “we can’t make reservations for today” message when I tried several times to make a reservation for the final on July 13. Help?

  7. Judy says:

    Are you still accepting reservation for 4 people for Sunday’s match?

  8. Lynn says:

    I tried making a reservation for the Thorns playoff game on Saturday, but it said you are not taking reservations on that day? Please help.


    • hilda says:

      Hi Lynn,

      We are now close for reservations. All remaining seats at the bar are walk-in and we are adding a 3rd TV outside. I would recommend that you arrive by opening time 9:30 AM to grab one of those seats.


  9. Michele Whaley says:

    made reservations for WNT games on 10/15 and 10/17 but got the times wrong. I dont’ know how to fix it myself. Reservation for 2

    on 10/15 I reserved for 3:30 pm but want 7 pm
    on 10/17 I reserved fro 4 p.m. but want 7:30 pm

    Sorry – I hope I can still get in

    • hilda says:

      We got you covered;) Go USWNT!

  10. Michele Whaley says:

    Yikes still wrong trying to do this quickly at work – 2 for 10/15 at 5:30 and 2 for 10/17 at 6

    super sorry

    • hilda says:

      You are all set!

  11. Michele Whaley says:

    Hi guys – I saw that all was well. I’ve now added one more (Total of 3) for this evening! Thanks.

  12. Michele whaley says:

    I need to cancel my reservation for tonight. I’ve tried to cancel from my confirmation email but it won’t recognize my user name. Probably something I’m doing wrong but working from phone it’s just too difficult. Thanks. Had a great time I. Wednesday-a win and your yummy Brussels sprouts! Thanks.

    • hilda says:

      Thanks for letting us know. See you soon!

  13. Catie G says:

    Hilda, I actually meant to reserve a table for the match at 4pm on the 30th, but I think I made it at 3:00 instead of 3:30 (for four). Can I please change it to 3:30? Looking forward to it!



    • hilda says:

      I will make that adjustment. See you then!

  14. Cristen says:

    Are you guys showing the Civil War on the day after Thanksgiving this year? Thanks!

    • hilda says:

      yes and we’ll be opening early at Noon for Civil War.

  15. Brady Bennon says:

    I reserved four seats for tomorrow’s Timbers game but miraculously got tickets to the game , so I’d like to relinquish them for someone else. Sorry!

    • hilda says:

      Hi Brady,

      Thanks for letting us know. Glad you got tickets!


  16. John Lawes says:

    Just reserved two at 5:00 for this Saturday 4/23 – FYI these are for the Thorns, just so we end up facing the right screen..!


    • hilda says:

      No problem. We’ll have both screens set-up and start Thorns on the second one. As soon as the Timbers match ends (there’s approx a 30 min overlap), we’ll convert the Thorns to the main screen with sound.

  17. Veronica L Nordeen says:

    How do I change my reservation time and my login information?

    • hilda says:

      If you created an account, then you can do so with the email and password you established. If you did it without creating an account, then you’ll need to call us at 503-234-8888 and either speak with staff on duty or leave a voice mail message requesting the change. They will then call you back to confirm.

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